• Makes canine FaSSIF/FaSSGF (Fasted State Simulated Intestinal/Gastric Fluids)
  • Contains sodium taurocholate, sodium taurodeoxycholate, lecithin, lysolecithin, sodium oleate
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What are Dog FaSSIF/Dog FaSSGF?

They are 'biorelevant' dissolution media that simulate canine gut fluids before eating food:

  • FaSSIF: Fasted State Simulated Intestinal Fluid
  • FaSSGF: Fasted State Simulated Gastric Fluid

Testing your product in Biorelevant Media can help predict what will happen when it enters the dog’s gastro-intestinal tract. This is because the media are physiologically discriminating: they contain biological surfactants (bile salts and lecithin) that can have a big impact on drug solubility. Conventional buffers and surfactants (such as sodium lauryl sulfate) do not replicate the complex environment of the canine GI tract anywhere near as accurately.

Why do I need them?

Testing in physiologically relevant media can help determine:
Biorelevant solubility: how much drug dissolves in the Biorelevant Medium
Estimated cost: $1.20 per test (based on 2 glass vials of 10ml Dog FaSSIF made from DOGFAS01)

Biorelevant dissolution: how much time drug takes to dissolve in the Biorelevant Medium
Estimated cost: $49 per test (based on 6 dissolution vessels of 500ml Dog FaSSIF made from DOGFAS05)

These in vitro tests can significantly reduce the amount of costly in vivo experiments needed because they can help you identify promising drug candidates and distinguish good formulations from bad ones.

How do I make them?

Very easily!

Reproducible results

We use the highest grade of ingredients and analyze their purity before manufacture. The powders are made in our factory in London where we carefully control every aspect of their production. They are only released after rigorous analysis by a GMP certified laboratory in Germany. All products are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. These steps ensure you will get highly reproducible results from our products every time you use them.


Dog FaSSIF/FaSSGF helped us to select one formulation out of several prototypes for a bioavailability study in dogs. All prototypes were tested in buffer media in advance but results were hardly discriminative due to the poor solubility of the API. We expect that the canine Biorelevant Media will also reflect the in vivo precipitation kinetics of APIs more accurately if enhanced solubility (supersaturation) is targeted.

Dr. Marcel Arndt, Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH, Germany


Dog FaSSIF/FaSSGF provides a straightforward way of closely simulating a complex biological environment in an easy to use media. Use of this product reduces time and cost whilst maintaining experimental accuracy.

Michael Barnes, Oxford University , United Kingdom