Which Biorelevant Medium do you want to make?


Dog FaSSIF, Dog FaSSGF 1.5 pH and Dog FaSSGF 6.5 pH are types of Biorelevant Media that simulate canine gut fluids before eating food.

Dog FaSSIF: Dog Fasted State Simulated Intestinal Fluid
Dog FaSSGF: Dog Fasted Stated Simulated Gastric Fluid

These in vitro tools can indicate how a drug product will dissolve when it enters the gastrointestinal tract. All three media can be made from the same powder.

How much do you want to make?


The media are usable for 48 hours from preparation.
For reasons of practicality and precision, we do not recommend making less than the following volumes:

Dog FaSSIF: 100 mL
Dog FaSSGF 1.5 pH: 1 L
Dog FaSSGF 6.5 pH: 1 L

Select hydrate type for phosphate salt (for buffer preparation)


You can select any of the three hydrate forms for preparing your phosphate buffer, it makes no difference to the final results. Simply use the one that is most convenient for you.

Optional step: do you want to degas the buffer?


Degassing the buffer is entirely optional. If you are using the media for dissolution testing, degassing can potentially affect how the dosage form disintegrates so you may wish to do so. However, we generally do not recommend it because degassed media reabsorb atmospheric gases rapidly and re-equilibrate quickly after degassing.