Solubility tests - Uniprep

The UniPrep solubility method is a simplified shake flask method and a very convenient way of assessing compound solubility. It only requires the UniPrep filters, an oscillating shaker and an oven or incubator for the test. The main advantages of using UniPrep filters are the low volume requirements (up to 3 ml) and the integrated filter system, which avoids the hassle of using a separate filtration device.

Solubility is determined by introducing an excess amount of compound into an UniPrep vial and filling with biorelevant medium (less than 3 ml). The vial is then clipped shut with the UniPrep cap. The UniPrep can be slightly shaken to improve wetting of the compound. Then it is be stored on an oscillating shaker in a preheated oven (usually 37° C).

Using the UniPrep method only one sample can be taken from each vial. The UniPrep cap incorporates a filter. When it is pushed down the solution is squeezed up through the filter and the filtered sample can be taken for analysis.


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