Recommended equipment for biorelevant dissolution

Selection of equipment for your biorelevant tests is dependent upon the type of experiment you want to carry out. For dissolution studies, a number of different set ups can be used; some are very simple and others quite complex.
Complex set ups partially replicate not only the gastrointestinal fluids but also the mechanics of the gut. However, these are expensive and also difficult to transfer to different labs. In contrast, pharmacopeial defined equipment (such as standardized dissolution apparatus) can be used with biorelevant media to generate highly reliable and cost-effective results rapidly. Standardized equipment is also well suited to tests using multiple drugs and much easier to transfer between labs.  
Over the years, we have tried and tested a variety of different apparatus in our labs (for example USP dissolution apparatus 4 as well as some customized set ups). However, we prefer to use USP dissolution apparatus 1 or 2 as our workhorse for performing biorelevant tests on immediate release drug products. With the appropriate media and standardized methods, highly reproducible dissolution results are generated for optimizing formulations, identifying potential delivery issues (such as drug precipitation) and understanding the key mechanisms behind a drug’s absorption. When used correctly, the USP apparatus is cost effective, reliable and pragmatic.

If you want more detailed advice on the most effective biorelevant dissolution set up for your drug, feel free to contact our lab team.