How to make FEDGAS

FEDGAS simulates stomach fluids after a high-fat FDA meal. The 3 different versions (Early/Mid/Late) reflect various stages of stomach emptying after dosing. All 3 media can be prepared in seconds with FEDGAS gel and the appropriate buffer concentrate (these are sold together). 900mL of FEDGAS contains the amount of fat and carbohydrate present in a high-fat FDA meal and we recommend using this volume per dissolution vessel. To prepare 900mL of FEDGAS Early:

•    Weigh 36.8g of FEDGAS Buffer Concentrate (pH6) into a suitable container
•    Add 732.6g of purified water
•    Add 153.0g of FEDGAS gel
•    Stir until mixed thoroughly. The medium will be white like milk and is ready to use

This video demonstrates how quick, simple and accurate the preparation method is:

You can purchase and learn how to make the 2 other versions of FEDGAS here.