Biorelevant Media

Biorelevant Media simulate the fluids present in the gut before (fasted) and after (fed) eating food. They are really useful tools for predicting what will happen to your product after it’s swallowed. Their close similarity to what's actually inside your body makes them very helpful for Pharmaceutical companies (CROs, developers, generic drug manufacturers) and also the functional food, vitamin and medical device industries. There are even versions available to mimic the gastro-intestinal juices of different animals! We supply the powders which enable you to make Biorelevant Media quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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2015-10-26 13:56:57

What is in vitro in vivo correlation or IVIVC?

During development of drugs and drug formulations it is anticipated to find out whether the right drug concentration arrives at the desired place of action. It is therefore important to investigate the factors, which influence drug absorption into the human blood flow when a drug product is taken orally. Drug absorption is measured “in vivo”,

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2015-10-20 12:55:18 at CPhI 2015 visited this year’s CPhI Exhibition in Madrid. With exhibitors from more than 140 countries and with more than 36000 visitors it is one of the biggest pharmaceutical fairs in the world. is pursuing its goal of innovating the pharmaceutical market and setting new standards in research and development of pharmaceutical, vitamin and supplement

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2015-10-08 13:50:24

What are food effects?

You have certainly heard that some medicines are recommended to be taken with or without food. But are there differences between these two conditions when the same dose of a certain drug is taken? Yes, and these differences are called food effects. Drug uptake (absorption) into the human blood stream may be different when the drug

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