Biorelevant Media

Biorelevant Media simulate the fluids present in the gut before (fasted) and after (fed) eating food. They are really useful tools for predicting what will happen to your product after it’s swallowed. Their close similarity to what's actually inside your body makes them very helpful for Pharmaceutical companies (CROs, developers, generic drug manufacturers) and also the functional food, vitamin and medical device industries. There are even versions available to mimic the gastro-intestinal juices of different animals! We supply the powders which enable you to make Biorelevant Media quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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2017-04-11 10:38:42

The OrBiTo Project

The OrBiTo (Oral Biopharmaceutics Tools) project, part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) programme, aims to further our knowledge of gastrointestinal (GI) drug absorption and develop and expand the use of predictive biopharmaceutics tools for oral drug delivery1,2,3,4. 9 European universities, 1 regulatory agency, 1 non-profit research organisation, 4 SMEs and 12 pharmaceutical companies are

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2017-04-05 15:06:49

What Are Dog Biorelevant Media And Why Should We Use Them?

Biorelevant Media aim to simulate the gastrointestinal (GI) tract as closely as possible. This opens a world of possibilities when it comes to testing the effect of different foods, devices, drugs and practically anything that enters the GI tract. It has proven particularly useful for drug dissolution and solubility testing, which are key tests when

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2017-01-13 12:29:57

Biorelevant Media Used For Testing Probiotics

National newspapers such as the Daily Mail recently covered the findings of a paper by Gaisford and Freuda-Agyeman where they used Biorelevant Media (FaSSGF) to test the viability of bacteria in common probiotic products in vitro. FaSSGF simulates the fasted gastric environment thus the way the bacteria would behave in the stomach was imitated. Gaisford highlighted that

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