Biorelevant Media

Biorelevant Media simulate the fluids present in the gut before (fasted) and after (fed) eating food. They are really useful tools for predicting what will happen to your product after it’s swallowed. Their close similarity to what's actually inside your body makes them very helpful for Pharmaceutical companies (CROs, developers, generic drug manufacturers) and also the functional food, vitamin and medical device industries. There are even versions available to mimic the gastro-intestinal juices of different animals! We supply the powders which enable you to make Biorelevant Media quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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2017-10-17 15:21:01

GlaxoSmithKline Uses Biorelevant Media to Improve Drug Performance

What problem was the team at GlaxoSmithKline facing? The free base form of danirixin, a novel drug being investigated as an influenza treatment, was variable in terms of its performance due to the variability of stomach pH of patients. This was especially the case with patients taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which increase the pH

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2017-10-09 11:08:42

Drug Substance vs. Drug Product

What is the difference between drug substance and drug product? The drug substance, depending on its purity, is mostly composed of the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient), or the ‘naked’ drug without excipients. The API is what will have a therapeutic effect inside the body, as opposed to the excipients, which serve to package and deliver

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2017-09-28 14:32:36

Fasted and Fed States Can Affect Drug Performance

What are the ‘fasted’ and ‘fed’ states? The ‘fasted state‘ refers to the conditions of the gut fluids before a meal, whereas the ‘fed state’ refers to the conditions of the gut fluids after a meal. In humans, the concentration of natural surfactants that can improve drug performance (such as bile salts and phospholipids) are

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