Biorelevant Media

Fasted Gut

This biorelevant medium simulates the fluid found in the small intestine before a meal. The small intestine is the site of absorption for oral dosage forms.

It is therefore very important to use biorelevant dissolution tests to get a more accurate idea of how much drug is likely to be absorbed in vivo.

This biorelevant medium replicates the fluid found in an empty stomach. It’s the first point of contact for immediate release oral dosage forms. Testing in it allows the user to get a clearer understanding of how much drug will go into solution before passing into the small intestine.

Fed Gut

FeSSIF simulates small intestinal fluid after food. The small intestine is the main site of absorption of the drug so it is vital to understand how the presence of food may influence its behaviour.

By performing biorelevant dissolution tests the user can get a much better idea of possible food effects on the drug and therefore how much is likely to be absorbed in vivo.

FeSSGF represents gastric fluid after a meal. The fed state compared to the fasted state can massively change the behaviour of a drug.

It’s essential to test both generic and NCE test products to gain an understanding of the food effects on the dissolution of a drug.

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These interactive guts explain the different types of Biorelevant Media and how they can be used

Dissolution Protocol

Our Biorelevant Dissolution Test Protocol is incredibly simple to follow


Case Studies

These Case Studies demonstrate the huge potential value of testing oral drug products in Biorelevant Media


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