Which ingredients are in FeSSIF-V2 Powder?

FeSSIF-V2 Powder contains the ingredients sodium taurocholate, lecithin, sodium oleate and glycerol monooleate.  This powder is used to prepare biorelevant medium FeSSIF-V2 which simulates the fed state intestinal fluids (after a meal).

The sodium oleate and glycerol monooleate present are the digestive products of triglyceride breakdown (lipolysis).

USP Chapter <1236> Solubility
The composition of FeSSIF-V2 is referenced in the USP Chapter <1236> Solubility: subsection “Solubility Measurements in Biorelevant Media”.

We have modified and improved the buffer composition, but the physiological surfactants are identical.

The quantitative composition of the ingredients in FeSSIF-V2 are provided in the Table below.

How do I make FeSSIF-V2?
You can make this fed state in vitro test medium in no more than a couple of minutes with FeSSIF-V2 Powder (V2FES) and our diluted FeSSIF-V2 Buffer Concentrate (V2FESBUF). These simple steps show how easy it is to prepare 900mL of the medium (the volume we generally recommend using per dissolution vessel):


Use our Media Prep Tool to download instructions of how to prepare the volume of FeSSIF-V2 medium you require.

Information on our FeSSIF-V2 Buffer Concentrate and the physico-chemical properties of FeSSIF-V2 can be found in the Technical Data Sheets along with Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets which can also be downloaded from our homepage.