Composition and properties of FaSSIF, FeSSIF and FaSSGF Media prepared from 3F Powder and Buffer Concentrates

Biorelevant Buffer Concentrates have been designed to be used with Biorelevant Powders to provide a simple and accurate way of preparing biorelevant dissolution media. Three Buffer Concentrates (FaSSIF, FeSSIF and FaSSGF) replace making buffers from scratch and increase quality and reproducibility.

Composition and Physico-chemical properties of FaSSIF, FeSSIF and FaSSGF Media

Each of the three FaSSIF, FeSSIF and FaSSGF Buffer Concentrates contain the precise amounts of components to achieve the appropriate buffer capacity, osmolarity and pH of the original FaSSIF, FeSSIF and FaSSGF biorelevant media.


FaSSIF, FeSSIF and FaSSGF dissolution media are prepared by diluting FaSSIF, FeSSIF, FaSSGF Buffer Concentrates with water and adding the required amount of 3F Powder®. The easiest way of preparing each medium is to use the Media Prep Tool which provides you the exact amounts required to prepare your medium.

Advantages of using Buffer Concentrates