How biorelevant media can help develop new drugs (NCEs)

Whether you're a chemist, biologist or pharmacist involved in the development a new oral drug (NCE: New Chemical Entity), biorelevant media are incredibly useful tools. Biorelevant tests provide important information on the amount of drug (solubility) and speed (dissolution) at which it will dissolve within different gastrointestinal fluids. Combined with a drug's biopharmaceutical data, these results can help identify potential developability problems related to absorption and food effects, enabling you to select the most appropriate oral formulation strategy for your drug.

Because these in vitro media resemble gut fluids so closely, they are also useful for establishing in vitro in vivo correlations (IVIVCs). When coupled with physiological data, results can be correlated with the pharmacokinetics of an orally administered drug.

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You can download our Biorelevant Dissolution Guides here.