How to dilute your secondary standard solution (SSS) and dissolution samples with 1:10 dilution ratio whilst keeping the same matrix

Dilution of secondary standard solution (SSS)

The dilution of standard solutions containing biorelevant medium is slightly different from the biorelevant dissolution sample:  a working standard solution (WSS) is typically prepared by combining diluent, biorelevant medium and the SSS together. To prepare a 1:10 dilution ratio, combine 0.800mL of diluent, 0.100mL of biorelevant medium and, 0.100mL of SSS, so the final volume will be 1.000mL. The total mL of diluent in 1.000mL will be 0.900mL as the SSS is also included in the dilution.

Dilution of biorelevant dissolution sample

The dilution of the biorelevant dissolution sample is straightforward: for a 1:10 dilution accurately dispense 0.100mL of biorelevant dissolution sample solution and add 0.900mL of diluent, yielding a final volume of 1.000mL.

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