What Are The Differences Between FaSSIF-V2 And FaSSIF?

FaSSIF-V2 and FaSSIF are types of fasted state Biorelevant Media simulating small intestinal fluid. ’Fasted state’ simply means without food or before a meal (pre-prandial). […]

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What Are The Differences Between FeSSIF-V2 And FeSSIF?

FeSSIF and FeSSIF-V2 are different types of Biorelevant Media. They simulate what human intestinal fluids are like after a meal is eaten (Fed State). […]

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What’s An ‘In Vitro In Vivo Correlation’ (IVIVC)?

During the development of oral drug formulations, it’s important to find out if the right drug concentration arrives at the desired place of action.  […]

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Biorelevant.com Moves To QMB Innovation Centre, Whitechapel

Biorelevant.com has moved to the QMB Innovation Centre in Whitechapel, London which  provides state-of-the-art laboratories, meeting space and an excellent 120 seater lecture theatre. […]

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